Mixing Arbitrage and Value Betting

Arbitrage is a kind of betting that takes of an arbitrage arising from bookmakers’ opinion differences or errors. Players place a bet on each outcome with different betting companies and can profit from any outcome of the game. This bet is placed where the odds cover all the state space possibilities of the event at hand where implied probabilities do not reach one.

On the other hand, value betting involves betting on probabilities, where an outcome is greater than what is reflected by bookmakers. In essence, players bet on games with a higher chance of winning than what the odds imply. This gives players an edge over the bookmaker at the end.

Mixing the Two

If you mix the two types of betting, you might get higher profits with the sure outcome. Here is an example; you can take a game between Liverpool and Arsenal with bet365 india offering you odds of 1.7 for over 2.5 goals and 2.0 for under 2.5 goals. If another bookmaker offers pricing of 1.85 for over 2.5 odds and 1.85 for under 2.5 goals. Betting on Bet365 for the over 2.5 at 1.7 and under 2.5 at 1.85 odds at another bookmaker would give you about 1% sure profit.

On the other hand, if you go with the under 2.5 goals on Bet365, you get an edge over the other bookmaker and give 23 units of expected profit. We have reached at this profit because the other bookmaker has given the odds a 50/50 probability. Then multiply the difference between both with the number of units you are to bet with.

Things to Keep in Mind

We would have the 1% sure profit in arbitrage betting and 23 units of the expected profit in value betting if we combine both methods, giving you a good return. However, to pull this off correctly, you need to do proper calculations and use the right software to pinpoint the value and arbitration bets. Besides, you need a medium to high value bet to get substantial profits. However, you will be sacrificing a part of your profit to ensure a sure profit from your betting exercise. This is worth it for most of the players.