How to place bets on Bet365? Everything you need to know

Bet365 is the world’s largest betting brand, thanks to its networks and offers. Its processes are simple and straight forward, which aids its growth and expansions. Our bet365 review points out its composition, structure, analysis and edge over other bookmakers. Other areas of concern in understanding the sportsbook are mobile app integration, customer support and the verdict compared to competition.

How to Place Bets on Bet365


The first step a gamer does is creating an account on Bet365. It involves keying in your personal and financial details. If you already have an account, sign in. Deposit some amount into the account, preferably £10 or more. If you are a new customer, you can get up to £100 in bet credits.

Game Selection

Go to the sportsbook and choose a game you are conversant with. Popular games include football, basketball, horse racing, tennis and volleyball. In each game, there are different tournaments, which form classifications. A good example is the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League in football, WTA and Grand Slam in Tennis and Eurocup and Liga ACB in Basketball.

Placing the Bet

Keep in mind that the rules of the game form betting activities. Also, occurrences form a significant part in crafting bet market. This calls for an understanding of the game before betting. The most common bet type among many sportsbook games is “Full-time result.” With this, a team can either lose, win or draw. Others include total scores, half time results and best player.
Other advanced bets such as in-play bets follow the same betting format, although its execution happens when the game is underway.

Betting Amount

After deciding on the market, key in the stake amount you wish to bet with. Multiplying the amount versus the betting odds, your possible winnings are shown on the bet slip. You then confirm your selection and hope for the best.


If the expected outcome comes in right, the bookmaker credits the winning into the main account. If they don’t attract any wager, you can withdraw it. However, if the bet doesn’t materialise, the sportsbook withholds the amount.